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Looking for TNR Volunteers

09 November 2021
Looking for TNR Volunteers

Feral cat colonies can quickly become a nuisance especially in urban areas; fighting, caterwauling and the distinct smell of unneutered male cats can be distressing for those living nearby. Trap-Neuter-Return, commonly referred to as “TNR,” is the method preferred by Cats Protection to effectively and humanely control feral cat populations.

Once a colony has been identified, our TNR volunteers trap the cats and kittens. This can be hard work; involving a lot of patient waiting and test of wills against these naturally wary creatures which have had little or no human contact. These cats are taken to a veterinary surgery for neutering where they are also ear tipped to identify them as neutered. This means they do not have to endure the stress of further trapping in the future. The
cats are returned to their original territory and some kittens young enough may be taken into care for socialising and ultimately rehoming.

The end result being a controlled, healthy and manageable colony that will deter other ferels from moving in and help reduce the spread of infectious diseases.

We are looking to recruit volunteers so if you’re practical, dedicated to animal welfare and keen to get involved at the gritty end of our work then phone us for more details of this unique and rewarding role.

For more information contact us on 305645 coordinator@telford.cats.org.uk