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Reach new heights to help cats

28 January 2021
Reach new heights to help cats

We're all set for another snowy lockdown weekend. Why not join our virtual challenge and help raise virtual funds for our branch?

We’re challenging you to push your body to the max and scale the dizzy heights of…your staircase! Conquer the equivalent of one or more of the UK’s highest peaks. Join our Climb for Cats challenge this weekend and take on the height of a famous landmark or peak in your own way! Simply choose your goal, track your steps or elevation and raise vital funds to help cats. Take part during our climb weekend of 29-31 January and ‘step up’ for cats along with fellow cat-lovers across the country!

All you have to do is choose a landmark, track your elevation on your phone, plan your route - it could be several hilly walks, one epic trek, or even your stairs at home! Make sure you officially sign up here so we can support you. If you're looking for extra motivation, why not ask your friends and family to sponsor you?

Don’t forget to share your challenge and tag us with the #climbforcats hashtag.

Find all the details of this week's virtual event here.