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We are Volunteer Super STARS

30 May 2022
We are Volunteer Super STARS
In May we were excited to learn that we were nominated to be Cats Protection's Volunteer Super STARS for organising our volunteer recruitment event.

Earlier this year we were desperate to find new volunteers. We tried recruiting through our website and on Facebook but weren’t getting anywhere, so we decided to organise a weekend volunteer recruitment event at a local community centre.

We contacted the Branch Support Unit (BSU) for a volunteer recruitment pack, which was really helpful, especially the banner and the recruitment pad to record potential volunteer details. 

Tracy, the Telford Branch Coordinator, made visual aids of what was involved in the volunteering roles and pictures of what Cats Protection does to help cats such as assisting with multi-cat households, feral colonies needing support and the importance of neutering. The team also put up posters in the local community, in vets, the local library and markets. Additionally, w
e contacted Rachel, our Regional Fundraising Manager, who did a radio interview promoting the event. 

Although on the day it seemed quiet, we received six applications for volunteer roles including fosterer, fosterer support, fundraiser, TNR (trap, neuter and return) and a new website editor who is planning on making videos of the existing volunteers and posting them on Facebook to further promote the branch.

Want to volunteer?

If you're interested in volunteering we have plenty of opportunities available for you to join our team. Head to our volunteering page to see what's listed, or get in touch by emailing enquiries@telford.cats.org.uk  or giving us a call on 01952 305645.