Ferals and Strays

Our branch doesn't have facilities to take in feral cats, as they don't cope well with captivity. However, we will try to help relocate unwanted ferals to stables etc. where they can earn their keep as mousers. If you have feral cats that you would like us to relocate, or would like some mousers / farm cats, please contact us on 
01952 305645 or enquiries@telford.cats.org.uk

Loan of traps
We are able to loan traps to enable you to catch feral or nervous cats so they can be taken for veterinary treatment, neutering or for rehoming. Due to traps not being returned to us, we are now asking for a deposit of £50 for the loan of traps which is refunded on their return. You must arrange somewhere to release the cat prior to borrowing the trap, or release them in their previous location.

Financial assistance with neutering
We are able to provide financial assistance for the neutering of ferals and strays. For more information, please ring our neutering number 01952 305645