There are many reasons that cats are taken into our care, including relationship break-ups, evictions and elderly people having to be taken into a care home. It can be a heart-breaking time, and we will do what we can, but please be patient. We often have a long waiting list for places in pens.
If you can no longer look after your cat, please contact us on 01952 305645 or via our website enquiry form. Please provide the following information: 
  • Your name
  • Phone number (land-line if possible)
  • Email address
  • If your cat is a previous rescue / CP cat
  • Name and age of your cat
  • Colour and breed
  • Cat's general health
  • Neutered?
  • Micro-chipped?
  • Up to date with vaccinations?
  • Your cat's character & likes & dislikes
  • Does the cat get on with other cats / dogs / children?
  • Indoor / outdoor cat?
  • Reason for rehoming
  • Deadline for rehoming
  • If possible, please also send a photo to
You will then usually be placed on our waiting list for your cat to come into care. You will not be committed to handing your cat over to us at this time. 
If our waiting list is too long and we are unlikely to be able to help, we will offer alternative options such as advertising your cat on our facebook page. 
When a place becomes available, we will call you to arrange for your cat to come into our care. You will then be asked to sign a document to confirm your decision. This will be your last opportunity to reconsider, as details of the cat's new owners will not in any circumstances be released.