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I'm no Angel!

25 February 2018
I This is what Pickle’s new owners had to say;

'Thought you might like an update on Angel now known as Pickle, because she is a little pickle.

She spent the first three days with us under my bed coming out only for food and to go to the toilet which were close by. On the fourth night a furry lump appeared on my bed and from then on she as gained more and more confidence. Although still a little timid at times she adores being fussed and will give you an almighty head butt if you have not bothered with her. She went to get her second injections and was really good and has now poked her head outside very briefly 3 times. Pickle loves to play with her toys and especially with my knitting!!!

She is a lovely girl and we are so glad we are able to give her a forever home. Thank you for taking care of her.'