Help with Neutering Your Cat

Why Neuter Cats?

We all love cats and kittens but there is no getting away from the fact that there is far too many of them to all find good loving homes. Here are some facts about neutering to explain the benefits:

  • Both male and female cats can be neutered at four months of age (please check out CP Early Neutering Register)
  • It does not do females good to have a litter first. In fact it may do them a lot of harm. When a tom cat mates, he bites the back of a female's neck to keep them still. This is when diseases are spread. Many unneutered males carry the F.I.V. virus as well as many other potentially life threatening diseases. A tom cat will also spray if it is not castrated. The females howl and roll around.
  • When a young cat is giving birth you may find that she abandons the kittens as she is not mature enough to cope with motherhood. These kittens then have to be hand reared if they are to stand any chance of surviving. Hand rearing means a very tiring commitment. New born kittens have to be fed every two hours night and day and of course you have to deal with their toileting too. They often fade away even with the very best care.
  • Neutering will also help to prevent your cat wandering off. He or she will not need to go out looking for a mate so they stay closer to home. Many of the road accidents reported to us involve unneutered cats who have been prowling the streets looking for a mate.

All this heart break can be saved by just having your cats neutered. If you cannot afford to get it done at the right time do please get in touch (see the Contact Us page) and we may be able to help you with a voucher towards the cost.

To find out more about Neutering please download the CP Leaflet "Feline Family Planning"