Do You Own Chorleywood's Top Cat?

19 May 2015

"Chorleywood Magazine" wants to know why your favourite feline is so special.  Your cat could be cheeky, grumpy, cute, funny, plain arrogant or have a back story worthy of x-factor.  Send a digital photo by email with the cat's name and age (or a print in the post) with a few lines summing up why your cat deserves the title "Chorleywood's Top Cat" All photos will be published on their website and the winners will receive a selection of toys and treats.  The ...

Cats Protection Lottery

23 April 2015

Every week we invite people to join the Cats Protection lottery for just £1 per play.  Of course people can enter more than once if they want to increase their chance of winning.  The winners are drawn every Friday and are published on the Cats Protection website at . Every week the Cats Protection give away 100 cash prizes including: First prize of £1,000 Second prize of £200 Third prize of £150 Fourth prize of £100 Fifth prize of £50 And 95 runner-up prizes of ...