Notes from the Cat Pen 10

A Volunteer Fosterer's Blog

A Safe Place in a Silent World

Flash and Gordon are handsome one-year-old brothers – but they are deaf. This was a new challenge for us but they proved to be very easy-going and amenable - rolling on their backs, jumping on our laps and purring loudly. We were careful not to startle them however and made sure they knew when we were approaching them.

They came with a fantastic cat tower which their previous owners had made for them: it dominated the pen but they loved it. We are quite converted to the importance of such structures. They were also very keen on chasing a Catit Senses ball around its track. We encouraged them to play as they would probably have to be indoors-only cats and toys will be important to add to their enjoyment.

As they are unable to hear danger signals such as cars or other animals, they need to be kept indoors for their own safety, or only allowed outside into an escape-proof garden. This did not put off a couple who spotted them on this website. They had owned a deaf white cat previously, so they knew all the issues. Within two weeks the boys were off to their new home where they had loads of space and lots of loving attention.