Shy Cats

Shy, timid cats and kittens take longer to rehome. We’ve had some examples of this in recent months. Wilbur, Winnie and Hobo were all shy cats who hid at the back of their pen anytime a prospective new owner came to meet them. Then again, of four kittens it was the most timid, Lola, who took longest to find a home. Fortunately they were all adopted eventually.

We humans just respond more readily to the confident ones who bounce up to us, jump on a lap, roll over to be fussed. But their quieter siblings will hide, shake and perhaps even hiss at strangers – yet once you've gained their confidence, they will make pets that are just as devoted and lovable.

The volunteer fosterers at Torquay Cats Protection spend as much time as they can with the cats in their care, playing with them and giving them lots of companionship and attention. But it can never be the same as that cat being in a proper home, where they are free to wander at will, with the same people around many hours of the day, available to chat to them whenever, provide a warm lap in front of the TV, a cosy patch at the end of the bed.

But shy cats have to wait longer for such home comforts, perhaps making them even more withdrawn. So please give an equal chance to the cat who’s not quite so pushy, who seems a little unsure and watches you warily from the back of the pen. They too have so much to offer.