Lost and Found

If you have LOST a cat we will of course let you know if we've been alerted to any strays in the area but we recommend you do the following:
1) Look at the Animal Search website (click on the link below).
2) Phone local vets.
3) If your cat is microchipped, telephone Petlog on 0844 4633999 to register your pet as missing.
4) Post information on animal charity websites.
5) Use social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and Spotted.
6) Create posters with a description and a photo, and pin them up in your neighbourhood.
7) Look in cupboards, in the garage, under bushes and ask your neighbours to kindly check their sheds.
8) Ask the postman or newspaper boy if they have spotted your cat.
9) Go out with a friend at dusk and try calling the cat.
10) Leave a favourite toy, their bedding, a bowl of water and some food out in a dry spot to entice them out of hiding.

If you have FOUND a cat, please
1) Check with your neighbours that it does not belong to them.
2) Put up posters in the surrounding area - ideally with a photo to help identify the cat.
3) Consider whether you can look after the cat until the branch has space to take it into care.
4) If possible attach a paper collar with a message for the possible owner.
5) Look at the Animal Search website's Missing Pages and post information on their Found Pages (see link below).
6) Contact local vets to see if anyone has reported their pet missing.
7) Contact local animal welfare groups and ask them to check their lost and found records.
8) If possible take the cat to a vet for it to be scanned for a microchip.
9) If you are internet savvy, post information on social media such as Facebook and Spotted.
10) If the cat is in need of urgent medical treatment, you should take it to a vet or phone the RSPCA central helpline.

Strays recently reunited by Torquay & District Cats Protection

Cats Protection has teamed up with Animal Search UK to provide the UK's most advanced lost and found database.

Animal Search UK is the leading search service for missing pets in Britain. They specialise in helping to reunite owners with lost or stolen pets. Their website is free to use, provides local and national coverage and offers free help and advice for people who have lost or found a pet.

To get started, please choose one of the options below.

I've lost my cat

Cats Protection is working with Animal Search UK to reunite more cats and owners.

If you have lost your cat, click the link to register your cat as missing.

The link will redirect you to the Animal Search UK website.

I've found a cat

Cats Protection is working with Animal Search UK to reunite more cats and their owners.

If you have found a cat, please click the link below to register the cat at Animal Search UK.

The Link will redirect you to the Animal Search UK website.

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