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A Little Love and Patience Go A Long Way!

09 February 2018
A Little Love and Patience Go A Long Way!

“It’s easy to overlook the quieter or more nervous cats when you’re considering adopting a feline or two! After all, who wants to home a cat that instinctively hides for hours on end and seems unwilling to interact?   Of course, it does depend on your situation – you might have a very lively household, young children, limited time available to invest in encouraging and nurturing a less confident cat. That’s fine, we all have different circumstances and there isn’t a “one size fits all” when it comes to matching a cat with a new family. However, nervous or timid cats have just the same capacity to give and receive companionship and unconditional love, to the right person. If you have the right environment, and the patience, willingness and sensitivity to give a nervous cat a loving home, you can develop a very happy and rewarding relationship with your feline friend!

Over the years, many nervous cats have come into our care at Trafford Cats Protection. Sparky & Suki, Jasmine & Phoebe, Marty & Marley, Cheddar & Catkins and Wolfie & Willow are just a few of the more nervous cats (some more so than others) which we’ve had the pleasure of fostering in recent times and who came into our care after traumatic events at the start of or during their lives. With patience and encouragement our fosterers started to earn their trust and helped each of these beautiful cats on their road to recovery. A cat might make great progress one day and backslide a bit the next - progress is up to the cat, and it’s our job to be patient and encouraging. It can take time but it’s so rewarding! It’s even better once they have found loving homes and we hear of how they have bonded with their owners, growing in confidence and character. Yes, some of them might still be scaredy cats around other people yet enjoy nothing more than curling up in their owner’s arms or by their side (and even on their owner’s back!) for some soothing quality time together! Now what could be better than that special relationship with your feline and knowing that YOU are the most important human in your cat’s life?

 It all goes to show that patience, love and understanding can do wonderful things. So if you are thinking of choosing a new feline friend (or friends!) please don’t discount the nervous ones - think again about giving them a chance. Their potential is there just waiting to blossom! The bond you have when a nervous or shy cat grows in confidence and trusts you is one of the most rewarding feelings you can have as a cat owner.

We’re hoping that that “special someone” will notice Abbie and Emily who have been in our foster care for three months now. Abbie and Emily are two young and very gentle cats who are quite nervous, Emily more so than Abbie. We’re not sure what their relationship is, possibly mother (Abbie) and daughter (Emily), but they are definitely a bonded pair and happily groom each other. Abbie is the more confident of the two and seems to be a source of reassurance for Emily who usually appears every time Abbie starts to purr or meow! They are from a multi-cat household and were abandoned and left to fend for themselves when their owners moved house.   Emily was un-neutered and subsequently gave birth to four kittens outdoors. She must have been very frightened. A kind lady did her best to look after them and contacted us to see if we could take them in. When they first came into our care they were very bewildered and anxious, and spent most of their time hiding, curled up inside an igloo bed together. They have since started to trust their fosterers more and more and are growing in confidence. Abbie in particular will cry for attention, wanting to sit on a lap and to be fussed. She has the most wonderful purr! Emily is more reserved but is slowly becoming more inquisitive and braver. She has started giving her fosterers gentle head-buts at feeding times, and enjoying a little stroke and a fuss too. She’s also started to play with toys which is very encouraging. The girls are still startled by sudden movements and loud noises, but they’re getting better.

We are looking to home Abbie and Emily together in a relatively quiet home, without young children. We feel that they will respond well to patience and understanding and that given time and the right home these beautiful cats will make loving companions. If you’re that “special someone”, Abbie and Emily are right here waiting for you!”