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Catstravaganza 2018

09 November 2018
Catstravaganza 2018

On 14th August 2018 we hosted our Catstravaganza Social Evening at Sale FC Rugby Club on Heywood Road, Sale. Our volunteers enjoyed sharing an evening with feline minded friends.

Last year we were unable to host our annual Open Day in Judy’s garden, in which she had 6 foster cat pens. The Open Day was very much missed by all and as the pens have been removed from Judy’s, we needed to come up with a new idea. There would be no furry felines available to cuddle, which had always been the magnet for our Open Day event.

A team of committee members and volunteers met, ideas were thrashed through, and a list of what we could offer / achieve created. How could we draw people in, entertain, make available information / education, keep communication lines open, etc.? We do not have a venue for the public to call to see our felines - all our felines are looked after with fosterers in their own homes. We looked around for a suitable venue and found an ideal one at Sale FC Rugby Club. Thanks to Sue.

A list was compiled: CP Merchandise (including 2019 calendars, diaries and Christmas cards – which were always popular at our Open Day), raffle, caption competition, refreshments, display boards and leaflets, information books for each table (all the tables were named using feline cats that had been in our care recently), ‘Name the Cat’ competition, face painting for all and a quiz. Our thanks to Sharon who kept us all on task.

The venue also had 3 Smart TV’s, which would enable us to show educational videos and presentations showing cats we had homed.

Did we have enough? Would people come? Would they like what we were doing? The answer to all 3 a resounding success…the feedback received has been so positive. The evening felt so relaxed, sharing a room with like-minded folk.

No there weren’t any real cats there, but people could still stroke a cat…our Companion Cat (a motorised cat that purrs, moves and meows - created for people with dementia). This has been a hit when we are out and about raising awareness. We had a competition to ‘Name the Cat’, and the winning cat name chosen - Clive. Our local vet (Simon) microchipped the companion cat for us – so we are able to demonstrate reading a chip with a scanner, whilst out and about.

With the support of our volunteer team we tapped into every resource we could. Bob who also MCs at weddings and events, suggested pull up banners – featuring members of our group with cats homed by ourselves – keep it local. Louise had links with a face–painter, who is also a loving cat owner – tick. Sharon had links with a professional photographer, yes a cat lover – tick.

Pat’s sister is a star baker – tick, Hazel – our resident raffle prize wrapper - tick. Louise and Bob’s son, Simon, is a quiz master – tick. The list of resources available snowballed and the skill set within our volunteer team was astounding – we never undervalue volunteers abilities and skill sets.

The purpose of the event was to keep in touch with our volunteers, members and supporters, to link with interested people, to increase awareness of CP.

Volunteer team