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Remember Fireworks!

31 October 2016
Remember Fireworks!

Remember Remember Your Cat This November!


As you know, this time of year can be a nightmare for cats (as well as for many other animals).  Cats can easily suffer the ill effects of the fireworks, and sadly there are still too many incidences of needlessly injured cats.  Apart from the obvious physical damage by accidental or malicious contact with fireworks, cats can be badly affected by fireworks’ noise and lights.  Possible behavioural problems as a result of trauma could include house soiling and excessive grooming or aggression.  There are a few sensible precautions which can help to lessen the trauma to your felines.  We’re sure that many of you are well aware of what you can do, but here’s a little reminder!


ö  Keep your cat indoors and provide him or her with a litter tray if s/he is used to having garden access.

ö  Try to reduce outside noise by keeping windows shut and curtains drawn. Playing soothing music or having the TV on may also help.

ö  In order to feel secure, cats need to be settled in a cosy, familiar territory such as a comfy bed or favourite chair. 

ö  Cats that are known to be skittish, sensitive or new to a home, will be particularly vulnerable to firework noise and could panic and run away. Make sure doors and windows are securely fastened.


Other general precautions to ensure animal safety include:

ö  Buying hand-held cascading fireworks rather than the noise-making varieties.

ö  Keeping fireworks and bonfires as far away from homes as possible, to minimise any adverse effects on animals indoors. This does not mean that other wild animals will not be affected.

ö  Check bonfires before lighting them to ensure that no small animals are sleeping inside