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To chip or not to chip...there is no question.

03 October 2023
To chip or not to chip...there is no question.

To chip, or not to chip???...There is no question!!!

Under our £10 Cats Protection Neutering Scheme, microchipping is now included if your cat is not already chipped.

Cats Protection is running a national campaign to educate people about what to do if they come across a stray cat, and to encourage people to microchip their cats and to keep their details up-to-date.  Here’s a heart-warming story from our own branch demonstrating how microchipping (and the vigilance of people in the Sale area) lead to the successful reunion of Wolfie and his owner after five months!

I first met Wolfie and his sister, Willow, a year ago. They were being fostered by Trafford Cats Protection, having been taken into their care at a few months old. They were timid little things, but I fell instantly in love with them. After the usual checks, and lots of welcome advice on how to handle very nervous, timid kittens, they became mine, and for five months we slowly got to know each other and started to break down some of that shyness.

Willow was very wary, preferring to hide behind Wolfie, who slowly became more confident and cheeky. The ladies from Cats Protection were always at hand for friendly advice, and supported me four months later when I decided to take on Rocco, another rescue cat, but one without issues and a calm, friendly example to the kittens.

Just a month after we were joined by Rocco, disaster struck. The cats weren't yet allowed outside, and because of their background they were probably going to have to be indoor cats for the foreseeable future. One rainy November day I had rushed in from work, and the door hadn't caught on the latch. I realised after a while that I hadn't seen the cats for a bit, and on going downstairs was horrified to find the front door lying open and the cats nowhere to be seen.

I had no idea what to do, they didn't come when I called for them and I was distraught. I phoned Sharon and Pat, my Cats Protection ladies, and they both rushed over. We managed to find Willow and shepherd her back indoors. Rocco came sauntering in after a while, cool as a cucumber, but there was no sign of Wolfie.

There were a few potential sightings on Facebook but none of them were Wolfie, and in the weeks and months that followed I resigned myself to having lost him. I couldn't imagine him being taken in by someone, he was too timid for that, and as winter took hold and the temperatures plummeted, I worried that he wouldn't make it through.

Five months after he was lost, Sharon drew my attention to a post on Facebook, a lady had a little black cat seemingly living in her garden and had posted a picture. It looked like Wolfie!!! I made contact and arranged to call round. The lady lived about a mile and a half away, over a main road, the tram tracks and the canal, and had been feeding him for several weeks in her garden.

When I got there and saw the cat playing in her back garden I couldn't believe it, it was Wolfie!!! After all that time he was safe!!! We managed to get him into a carrier and I took him straight round to the vet to have him scanned (Wolfie had been microchipped when he was in Trafford Cats Protection’s care so this would certainly prove it was him).  They scanned him, he was microchipped, and the database confirmed it was Wolfie!!!   It was then I let myself believe I really had him home after all that time.

So now he's settled back home, his sister and Rocco have accepted him back, he's still timid, but still as cheeky and lovable as ever. And he's not getting out again for a very, very long time. 

Thank you Fiona for giving Wolfie, Willow and Rocco a loving home, and for writing this article!!! 

You can find out more information on microchipping, top tips on helping strays, and a tool to help to tell the difference between a stray and a feral cat on the Cats Protection website: