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Kitten Fosters required

05 August 2016
Kitten Fosters required


Every year we are asked to help many more unwanted and abandoned cats and kittens than we have the facilities to take in. To enable us to help more of these waifs and strays, we are always on the lookout for more volunteer fosterers.

If you are in a position to foster and help socialise a kitten or two we would love to hear from you.

They will need to be introduced to vacuum cleaners, televisions, washing machines and/or/even children and the occasional cat friendly dog! For the more they are exposed to the sights, sounds and general goings on in a normal family home, the more confident, friendly and therefore rehomeable they will become.

If you have space for one of our fold up and compact indoor foster pens you could help us care for some of the many litters of unwanted kittens we rescue each year.

We will supply all their food, bowls, veterinary treatment, litter and trays.

In return we ask that you will entertain them with ping pong balls and cat nip mice, stroke them until they purr themselves to sleep and of course generally keep them safe and happy until they go to their lovely new homes.

At which point you can have some more!

Call us on 01872 463466 to find out more