Meet Our Team

Cat Care Assistant - Tracey Young

Hi my name is Tracey, I am one of the Cat Care Assistants at the tyneside Adoption Centre. I previously worked at a Veterinary Practice and also in a wild animal rescue centre in Costa Rica. I currently have 2 rescue cats at home.


Cat Care Assistant - Natalie

Hello, I'm Natalie. My animal career started with the RSPCA when I volunteered for 6 months at the Great Ayton Animal Centre and then gained a full time position as an Animal Carer which I continued to do for 11 years.

I then worked as a Veterinary Care Assistant and later spent 14 years as a Park Ranger at Stewart Park in Middlesborough where I cared for highland cattle, deer, llama. goats, sheep and various small animals.

I then became a dog care assistant for a dog creche in Stockton before taking my current position here with Cats Protection as a Cat Catre Assistant


Cat Care Assistant - Liz Newbury

Cat Care Assitant - Kev Racey

Cat Care Assistant - Kate Dixon

Cat Care Assistant - Holly Houliston

Senior Cat Care Assistant - Kezziah Paxton

Receptionist / Cat Care Assistant - Shannon Watkin

Volunteer Team Leader - Helen Lee

From my very first encounter with the sweetest red terrier who had sadly been abandoned, I knew I had found my vocation. I love what I do because I love and respect all animals, especially those who are misunderstood and just need the love and patience they deserve. It gives me great pride to be their voice when they need it most. I particularly adore small furries having grown up keeping rabbits and guinea pigs. I am now the very proud owner of the most beautiful cat in the world (or does he own me?).

Volunteer Team Leader (On Maternity) - Jessica Gibson     

Hi there! My name is Jess and my role at Tyneside Adoption Centre is Volunteer Team Leader. I really enjoy meeting and chatting to people from all walks of life, so I'm eager to recruit a dedicated and enthusiastic team of volunteers with different backgrounds who will work closely with staff, to ensure the centre runs smoothly and efficiently, to achieve the common goal of helping as many cats as we can each year!

I have always been an animal lover. I've grown up surrounded by animals of all shapes and sizes so I always knew I would end up working with them! My past experience includes volunteering in a stray cat and dog shelter, working in a dog rehoming centre and in a veterinary referral hospital. I enjoy all of the different personalities of rescue animals and it is very rewarding when an animal you have cared for goes to a loving new home.

As well as doing a job I love, I go home to an ever expanding chaotic household of five dogs, five ferrets and two rabbits!

Deputy Manager - Lysa Dobson

Centre Manager - Emzi Frater

We also have a fantastic team of over 40 volunteers, who are invaluable to the work we do. Our volunteers have roles in every aspect of running our centre, from administration to practical cat care to fundraising. We would be lost without these wonderful people who have so kindly dedicated their free time to help the cats of the North East.