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Amazon Wishlist
We've made a list on Amazon of some of the items we need to give the rescued cats and kittens comfort during their stay with us. Please consider sending them a gift, you can see what's available here Amazon Wishlist

Easy Fundraising
If you like to shop online, why not have a look at whether you can find what you were looking for through easy fundraising to raise funds for cats and kittens at our Centre at no extra cost to you! Shopping through easy fundraising is easy to do, just make sure that it says support Cats Protection - Tyneside Adoption Centre and you're ready to go. Happy shopping! 

Donate now
Every single penny you can donate is appreciated! It could be a one off payment or a regular gift.
- £5 can help pay for a cat litter tray, scoop and a food dish.
- £10 could buy an 'igloo' for an elderly cat to curl up inside and keep warm.
- £30 could pay for a cat to be neutered.
- £50 could pay for a kitten to be vaccinated against flu viruses, enteritis, leukaemia and other serious diseases.
If you would like to make a donation then click here.

Weekly Lottery
If you like the sound of raising funds for cats and kittens at our Adoption Centre while having the chance of winning money back, why not sign up to play in the Cats Protection weekly lottery. Just make sure that you choose Tyneside Adoption Centre when you register. 

Cats Protection Membership
Become a Cats Protection member to raise much needed funds for our Adoption Centre and receive a special welcome pack, annual subscription to The Cat magazine and 24-hour access to the qualified Veterinary nurses at Vetfone. To find out more and to sign up, click here.

Sponsor a pen
Over the course of a year, a pen could be a temporary home for a succession of needy cats and kittens. As a sponsor, you will know that you have helped these cats and kittens to have a secure place to rest and recover from their traumas before being re-homed. It's easy to become a sponsor right now, for as little as 19p a day. You'll hear their stories. See their pictures. You'll feel like these special cats are a part of your life.
To become a Sponsor click here.

Fundraise for us
Have some fun and do some fundraising!
There are lots of fun events you can get involved with that also offer an opportunity to fundraise for Cats Protection. Challenges and events are run in the local area and some are half way around the world, so let your imagination run wild! Run, swim, cycle, bake, quiz, skydive, or meet wild cats in the wild.... you name it, we've got it! Click here for more details. Just remember if you sign up to any events to say you want your funds to come to Tyneside Adoption Centre.

Text to Donate
If you would like to text to donate £5 to help the cats and kittens in our care, you can text TYNE to 70577. Cats Protection's terms and conditions for sending text messages can be found here.