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Registration is now closed for this event - click here to sign up for our April 2020 event.

Do something amazing and zip to raise funds for your local Cats Protection branch or centre. Combine the most exciting and exhilarating moment of your life with raising funds to help cats. Fly through the air for over 230 metres. You will take off from the Tyne Bridge and touch down adjacent to the HMS Caliopi on the Gateshead side of the river.

Minimum sponsorship pledge - £120

Under 18s can take part in this event. The minimum age is 16, and participants between 16 and 18 must have parental consent (this is a restriction placed on the event by Newcastle City Council). Minimum weight is 6 stone (38kg) and maximum weight is 17.5 stone (111kg)
We understand the commitment, courage and thought that goes into participating in a challenge event on behalf of Cats Protection and promise we will do our very best to give you all the help and support you need to have a successful challenge and raise lots of much needed funds to help us care for cats and kittens.

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Supporting documents


Download the full itinerary and FAQs here

On the day

Strat time 9:30am (please arrive 30 mins before your zip time so 9am) The Tyne Bridge in Newcastle is an iconic structure the zip slide starts from the Newcastle side of the bridge travels diagonally across the River Tyne for 230m before finishing at HMS Calliope on the Gateshead side of the river.

Important Info
Minimum age is 16, and participants between 16 and 18 must have parental consent (this is a restriction placed on the event by Newcastle City Council).

Venue directions
On arrival please make you way to the Gateshead side of the Bridge where registration is located in HMS Calliope, located beneath the bridge. The entrance point into HMS Calliope will be clearly indicated by Zipslide UK signage.
Location Address: HMS Calliope, South Shore Road, Gateshead, NE8 2BE

Please note there is no parking at the registration area within HMS Calliope. Parking is available in numerous public car parks located near HMS Calliope. These are all pay and display car parks. For example:
 South Shore Rd Car Pak (273 spaces)
 Mill Road Car Park (276 spaces)
 Baltic Car Park (73 spaces)
 Church Street Car Park (50 spaces)

Arrival and facilities
Please arrive at registration 30 minutes before your allocated zip period. Please do not arrive early. Wear sensible clothes and footwear, including warm and wet weather clothing, this is an outdoor event.
ZSUK will take responsibility for participants after registration. Participants will register their arrival, read an indemnity form and sign the event schedule, agreeing to the indemnity.
 Spectators will remain within HMS calliope to view the event
 Participants will be directed to the equipment area. Equipment will be fitted and the participants taken to the zip slide launch point. On completion of the zip slide, participants will be directed back to the equipment area.
 Refreshments will be on sale at HMS Calliope
 Toilets will be available at the venue
 First aid will be available during the event

Please Note: A professional photographic service is on site to capture the event and these pictures will be available for sale to participants. We ask that you do not make any alternative arrangements for commercial photographic services to attend the event.

How will the event run?
There are 4 basic stages to the event however these are location dependent:
1. Participants register with Zip Slides UK
2. On completion of registration, participants are directed to the kitting-up area by charity staff. On arrival, they will be weighed, briefed and kitted up by ZSUK staff. Participants will then be escorted to the launch point
3. The participants will be briefed and then called forward one at a time to zip. On completion of the zip slide they will be directed back to kitting up where the equipment is returned
4. Participants are directed/escorted back to the thank you desk



Download our FAQs

Can participants with medical conditions take part in the event? 
Zip Slides UK offer very exciting and challenging experiences for many people, involvement is suited to all levels of fitness and many people find that participation is possible with a range of medical conditions or disabilities. It is important however that you understand what is involved with a charity zip slide, declare and discuss any medical conditions which may prevent your involvement. ZSUK is very keen to provide disabled people with the opportunity to take part in its events. Please speak with ZSUK to discuss your involvement if you are a disabled person. It is important to stress that the harness will go around your hips and waist, and that all your body weight will be held by this harness for the duration of the slide.
WARNING: Participants travel down the wire at approximately 25mph and are stopped manually with two braking lines attached to the wire. The resulting impact does jerk the body and participants with any existing medical conditions, such as back or neck injuries should contact ZSUK. The braking system has been employed for 6 years and stopped over 25000 participants, without injury. 
What is the maximum weight for participants? 17.5 stone (111kg)
Participants need to be fitted with a chest harness in addition to the waist harness. At some sites, participants may need to climb over a barrier to get to the zip slide; therefore they must have ease of movement in order to do this. Please ask ZSUK if you are unsure.
What is the minimum weight for participants? 6 stone (38kg)
ZSUK reserve the right to prevent a participant from doing an event if they are too light.
What is the minimum age for participants?
Minimum age is 16, and participants between 16 and 18 must have parental consent (this is a restriction placed on the event by Newcastle City Council). 
What is the maximum age for participants?
These activities are mentally and physically challenging, but we will not stop any older person from having a go if they believe themselves to be fit enough. If there is any doubt, advise the participant that they should consult their doctor.
Can people participate whilst in fancy dress?
Most costumes can be accommodated where harness, helmet, etc. can be fitted over the costume. However we reserve the right to refuse the participation of someone in fancy dress if we think the costume will compromise the safety of the participant. Ask participants to wear sensible clothing, footwear and warm and wet weather clothing.
Does Zip Slides UK use qualified instructors?
Yes, ZSUK call on a range of staff, all qualified and/or experienced to perform the tasks asked of them. The majority of our instructors are first aid qualified.
Is Zip Slides UK insured?
Yes. We hold £10 million public liability insurance with Activities Industry Mutual (AIM). Once the participants are handed over to Zip Slides UK instructors they are covered by our insurance. 

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