When you are thinking of introducing a cat or kitten into your family you have a few factors to consider before you find the feline that best suits your family.
Cats that are in our care are rescued from some of the extreme situations that you could imagine and really do need to have a loving family take them on. Even the ones that have been treated the worst enjoy the fuss and love given by a kind hand and certainly give back a lot more of their unconditional love.

Kittens are sourced from many environments in todays society as it as been for many years. But todays cut backs and lack of money means that you have to find a way of saving money if you want to have the great pleasure that a kitten will bring you.
You hear now of so many kittens having to go to the vets because they are poorly from social illnesses and then there is the vaccinations and flea and worm treatments that you must administer to give your kitten the best chance, then you have to find a fortune for neutering.

So when you decide you want some kittens to come and stay then you have to think about the extra money needed to make sure your kitten stays healthy which can lead into 100's of pounds above the initial purchase price.

If you could get a healthy vet treated, vaccinated, and free neutering (if you are in receipt of benefits) and a 4 week guarantee include in the purchase price wouldnt you choose the cat that gives you all this at one price of 35 pounds.

There is only one place where you can get that and that is from us here at Walsall Borough Cats Protection.

Then please do think before you get yourself a kitten.