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Campaign update: True Cost of Kittens – we did it!

10 February 2017
Campaign update: True Cost of Kittens – we did it! On 1 February the Government set out its proposals for new licenses in England governing ‘animal activities’ and that includes pet sales. We did it! They propose including a ban on the sale of kittens less than eight weeks as a licence condition and removing the old legal loopholes that allowed repeat breeding for sale to occur without licence. Business activity involving the sale of cats and kittens will need a licence. From branches and volunteers to shops and adoption centres, our Facebook and Twitter followers and also thousands of vet practices you all really got behind this campaign – it was amazing. In total over 47,000 messages of support went to Government and that included over 40,000 e-letters to MPs and 7,000 campaign postcards. We were overwhelmed and it seems the Government listened. We are now involved in drawing up the detail of the new licensing provisions and Cats Protection has been invited by the Government to join an expert panel to take forward the Government’s plans. We will also press for similar licensing proposals in the rest of the UK. Read more about how you helped at www.cats.org.uk/truecostofkittens and to read our news story issued to the press visit www.cats.org.uk/…/cats-protection-welcomes-proposals-to-clo… Cats Protection | Get Involved As a charity, we rely solely on the generosity and kindness of the public to enable us to go on caring for cats and kittens CATS.E-ACTIVIST.COM