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Can you help us to help Daisy?

21 February 2020
Can you help us to help Daisy?
Meet Daisy, she is 6 ½ years old and came into Anglia Coastal Cats Protection’s care when her owner moved and couldn’t take Daisy with her. She is a friendly laid back girl who loves attention. 

Unfortunately, Daisy has been having reoccurring ear infections. Our local vets in Beccles diagnosed a polyp and decided that a specialist referral was needed. 

After a consultation with a specialist vet it has been agreed that Daisy requires as Total Ear Canal Ablation (TECA), which is indicated when a growth or multiple growths are located deep within the ear canal causing persistent pain and irritation. The procedure is generally a one-off with a good chance of a full and quick recovery without the need for ongoing care. 
This will help Daisy be pain free and ready for a new home. 

Specialist treatment comes with a price tag and for Daisy this will be over £2,000! We can only help cats with the generosity of our local community and this is where we need your help, can you make a donation to help us fund Daisy’s ear operation? 

If you can make a donation, then please click on the following link to Daisy's JustGiving page:

Any donations received above the cost of Daisy’s treatment will go to caring for other cats and kittens in our care. 

Thank you for helping us to help Daisy.