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Seasonal Reunion

04 December 2019
Seasonal Reunion
Ginge happily reunited back with his loving owners thankfully Ginge has a microchip although his details were out of date, luckily he came into CP care were our admin volunteers left no stone unturned in locating his owner.

Ginge was not really a stray, just got himself a little bit off track as he was not neutered and having a general wander, some kind person thought he was a stray and started to feed him so he got a bit confused.

Please if there is a little cat that is visiting you don’t assume the cat has not got a home, take the cat to a vets to be scanned for a chip, or contact us or the RSPCA. Pop a paper collar on the cat, create posters and pop around a 10 minute area walk of your house, pop a post on social media. Please do not feed the cat as this can confuse the cat as to where they live. If the cat looks injured/sick please contact the RSPCA for a log number which covers the first £50 of treatment / assessment after that the vets will contact the local branch of the RSPCA to request more funding to carry out further treatment, if the cat has been mirco chipped the vets will contact the owners but if this is not the case the RSPCA will look after the cat.

Ginge is now neutered so hopefully he will not wander any longer.