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Taking care of your cat during the cost of living crisis

28 March 2023
Taking care of your cat during the cost of living crisis
When times are hard, it can be worrying to think that you might not be able to provide for your beloved cat. We’ve put together some advice to help if you’re struggling with the cost of owning a cat.

As cat owners, we know you want the very best for your pet. With the cost of living rising though, you might find money doesn't go as far as it used to which can leave you with some tough choices to make when it comes to spend.

Any pet is going to cost money, so it's important to know what help is available and how you can plan for the months to come.

Click on the following link for further help and information:  
Taking care of your cat during the cost-of-living crisis | CP (cats.org.uk)

Here are also some cheap ways to provide entertainment and enrichment for your cat... 
Toilet roll tubes and eggboxes are perfect for turning into puzzle feeders to make mealtimes more interesting for your cat. Just hide some of their dry food inside and let them hunt it out. Old socks can be reinvented into a fun cat toy – simply fill with a couple of spoonfuls of dried catnip, tie off the end and give to your cat to enjoy. A length of string and a garden cane can quickly be transformed into a fishing rod toy to dangle.

Cats don’t need fancy, expensive cat beds – a cardboard box and a blanket or old jumper works just as well. If you’re feeling creative, or want to give the kids a challenge, use felt tips or paint to jazz it up.

When buying cat food, look for companies that do a subscription service with a discount for regular orders, making it easier to budget, or buy in bulk to reduce the cost per serving. There’s no need to give your cat fancy treats in addition to their regular meals. Not only are they likely to put on weight but they can lead to a tummy upset. Instead, try taking some dry food out of your cat’s daily food allowance to offer as treats. Also remember that plain old water is by far the best drink for cats – milk and cream should be avoided. 
All cats need access to somewhere they can scratch to keep their claws in tip-top condition. For a cost-effective addition to scratching posts, look out for old carpet samples which are often cheaply available or even free at carpet shops.

If you’re out of the house all day, you probably don’t need to leave the heating on to keep your cat warm. The majority of cats in the UK are moggies with thick fur and a knack for finding the cosiest spot in the house – so even if it feels chilly to you, your cat will most likely be perfectly snug.