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Our Branch is ran entirely by unpaid Volunteers would you like to help us ?

Lots of people think we have a rehoming centre and even paid staff when in fact all local cat work is done by volunteers from their own homes.

We welcome new people interested in helping and at the moment especially need fundraisers and cat fosterers.

indoor fosterers
 indoor fosterers


We are currently looking for more indoor fosterers you need a spare room, lots of time and patience and preferably transport to take cats and kittens to vets for routine vaccinations etc. All equipment, cat food, litter etc will be provided, and we cover any expenses you incur. You need to give foster cats  love, attention and patience and, when they are ready to go to a good home, to say goodbye to them. 
Cats can be fostered in the Fosterer's own house providing that Cats Protection cats and kittens are kept separately from the Fosterer's own cats and other pets.  The Foster's own cats must be vaccinated for their own protection and for vulnerable foster cats.
A spare bedroom or similar type of room can be used provided that there is adequate daylight and ventilation.  The room should be made safe and secure and able to be easily cleaned for the maintenance of good hygiene. 
or maybe you could help by becoming an Emergency Fosterer! all of the above still applies.
Do you have a spare room that would take a cat/s or kitten/s or even pregnant or nursing mum just for 2 to 7 days whilst we try and find a permanent foster placement for them. We don't usually have chance to give you much notice maybe just a quick call as we are on our way! On many occasions we struggle to place cats or kittens that come into us as emergencies with little or no notice.If you think you could provide care for short amounts of time please contact us. catwomanmaz@gmail.com 

Fundraisers needed, could you organise a table top sale? do a car boot? hold a coffee morning/afternoon? organise something at work like a collection or fun day? if so we could provide some promotional material and even have some goods for boot sales etc - Contact us