Success Stories

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Bailey came to the branch following a call from the local police saying that Bailey needed to be homed away from a potentially dangerous setting.

Whilst in care, Bailey would pee anywhere he liked, although he didn't seem overly stressed.  We were unsure about homing him because of this, but a lady called and, after we had let her know about his habits, she was still keen to take him on!

Here she talks about how Bailey settled in:

"After two weeks of peeing most mornings over night on the floor, he has not done since, which is great!

I kept him in the conservatory to train him to use the litter trays, putting him on them throughout the day and only let him in the rest of the house when I could be in the same room and watch him.  He now uses the litter tray all the time! Well done Bailey!!!!! The key seemed to be two trays side by side!

He has now familiarized himself with the house, but seems to like the conservatory and the top of the
stairs.  He has not tried to scratch where he shouldn't or jump up on the work surfaces so he really is a very well behaved cat despite his shaky start.

He loves being groomed and he has been for a pamper at the groomers! She told me he was as good as gold!  He really is the sweetest thing and a real lap cat!

He likes watching the birds in the garden and watching the bird table.  I suspect he was always an indoor cat as doesn't look to go out, even when I go to hang the washing out.

I am so pleased he has settled down as he is such a sweet thing a real cuddly Dudley!"


We first got Pip in September, when he was a shy and timid kitten to strangers and new people, however since then, Pip has become a more confident, cheeky and adorable cat. He was at first scared of any sudden sounds or movements and attempted to claw any moving objects as a matter of self-defence, but he quickly got used to everyday family life. Pip now follows a daily routine of waking up, having Breakfast, going out, coming in, having lunch, having a midday nap, having a large amount of cuddles and tummy rubs when I get home from school, going out, coming in, eating dinner, playing, cuddles, and going to sleep!

Pip particularly enjoys mealtime and unlike many cats and kittens, he is anything but picky with his food! Pip was very imaginative when thinking of hiding places, but now Pip doesn’t hide any more. He gradually got used to everyone and took a habit of lying on my bed (when I went to sleep, I found lots of hairs on my bed!). Pip can be extremely mischievous when he wants to-he often scratches chairs instead of his scratching post and he likes attacking the rug on the floor by the front door! But he is an incredibly affectionate cat too-he loves playing football with his toys, meowing at the bird box in our garden (which holds blue tits), stretching his arms and legs out for people to admire and tickle his fluffy white tummy and talking in meow language to me when he wants something (food, a cuddle, a tummy rub or a bit of company!). Pip has also gradually got used to exploring our house and outside, and especially enjoys sitting on my bedroom windowsill, the piano or at the top of the staircase so he can watch over everybody! He has taken a loveable liking to myself and always follows me, and loves being the centre of attention- especially when he’s in a photo!

By Katie T-S
Age 10