Nancy’s New Home

nancy 2Nancy spent several months with Cats
Protection looking after her kittens until they could be rehomed and then waiting for a home for herself.

I met her in March and knew straight away that we could get on well and she moved in a week later. Initially shy, she soon became an affectionate and fun companion. She enjoys sitting on my knee watching television, cuddles and rolling over to be tickled as well as playing very enthusiastically with her ball and toys. She also loves being outside and spends hours patrolling my garden and the surrounding area. Unfortunately all that practice with the toys has honed her hunting technique and the local bird population is suffering somewhat!

Thank you very much to everyone at Cats Protection who looked after Nancy so well when she was down on her luck. I hope she thinks she has landed on her paws with her new home! I know black cats aren’t the most popular but I just think she’s gorgeous!

nancy 2

Sarah (and Nancy!)

We at Cats Eyes agree with Sarah that Nancy is a beauty. Thank you for sharing the update with us.