A happy ending for Sauron

Some of you may remember the story from spring 2018 when the Welwyn and Hatfield branch of Cats Protection received a call about a very nervous stray cat in Hertford with a very nasty and painful eye injury.

Despite the best efforts of the vets, the cat’s eye was unable to be saved and the cat, who had been given the name Sauron, went to live with a fosterer where he was finally able to experience warmth, food and home comforts.

Things continued to look up for Sauron when in August 2018, he was adopted by a man called Ewan, who offered him a forever home.

Ewan wrote recently “Sauron is still not a 'touching' cat, but he doesn't hide away anymore and spends his time prowling the flat, playing with toys and lounging in the sun. We're still overjoyed to have him and he brings us lots of happiness every day.”