A New Beginning for Fred and George

Fred (previously called Ollie) and George (previously called Stan) were found abandoned in a box on Mill Green Golf course by a member of the public at the end of September. Thankfully, they took the kittens to a local vets, who then contacted  us. The kittens were thought to be between 5 and 7 weeks old. One of our fosterers nurtured them and although initially terrified of her, they slowly began to trust her. The kittens were adopted by Mark and his family at the beginning of November.

Mark says “Just to let you know, they seem to be set-tling in well. Fred (the slightly bigger one) is a real little character, full of confidence, George (one white eye-brow) is still shy but is starting to come out of his shell. I think he just needs time, and he’ll end up trusting us hopefully.

Take care and thanks again for choosing us to be their parents! And thanks for all you do for the cats!”