A second chance for sweet Jeeves

At the end of March, Jeeves was taken to the vet to be put to sleep when his owner found that she was unable to deal with his recently diagnosed diabetes. Thankfully, the vet got in touch with our branch and asked for our help in finding him a new forever home. Following a very successful and urgent Facebook post, which saw our appeal gain almost 10,000 hits, we had a few people come forward to offer this wonderfully gentle cat a new home. We visited a couple of possible new owners and we felt that Barbara was the most suitable of the very kind people who had shown interest in Jeeves. 

Barbara says “Jeeves has settled in so well and now has the run of the upstairs rooms and is rubbing along well with our
British Blue who also prefers the quiet life upstairs! 

Jeeves comes down to peer through the doors to see what is going on and then takes himself back to relax on the spare bed. We have closed the upstairs windows and so far he seems content to watch the world outside from the window sill. He is eating and drinking well and my husband is proficient with his injections. He seems very relaxed, confident and content with life. So far our only photos are of Jeeves relaxing! I will keep you updated with progress; thanks to you and Glenn for giving us the opportunity to give Jeeves a second chance!” 

And a huge thank you to everyone who responded to our Facebook appeal - you are all amazing! Jeeves has a whole new life due to your kindness.