A very special home for Molly

Last autumn Molly was found collapsed in the road and taken to the vet. Her owner was traced, but when she was told that Molly was diabetic, she didn’t want her. Initially, Molly wasn’t expected to live, but we took her in and nursed her back to health until she was ready to be rehomed. When we put out a Facebook appeal for another diabetic cat (Jeeves) who was looking for a home we had a few hopeful enquiries. Thankfully, as you may have read in our previous newsletter, Jeeves found a new home with Barbara. We pursued the other enquiries to see if anyone was suitable to adopt Molly. During May 2019 we found the right loving home for Molly to live out her days. Her new owner, Joanna writes:

Molly is doing much better than I had anticipated. She had a day with not enough food, but otherwise is eating more quickly and I can do the injections by myself, which helps. She’s got two rooms now, but I let her out to look around the rest of the house for a few hours a day when the other pets are corralled. She dislikes what she’s seen of the dog, and the other cat hisses whenever she comes into view. Hopefully a sullen toleration will be reached. Thanks for all the wonderful work you do.

In a further update in June, Joanna wrote - “She's doing well, eating lots, and putting the resident cat in her place, though she's wisely avoiding the dog.”

So there really is a home for every cat – it just sometimes takes us time to find the right ones! Thank you to everyone who shared and supported our appeal for Jeeves - this led to two deserving cats finding homes.