Challenging Mia - happy at last!

Sox was a feisty cat who was given to us because the owner’s children were unable to interact with her. We found a wonderful home for her with Astrid, who renamed her Mia and told us:

Mia started eating today and we played running around to get the pent-up energy out. She’s also started “talking” instead of growling and hissing, but it is still hit and miss. I get attacked at times and then she rubs against my legs growling. She is not yet sure, but I already see some little progress. I can stroke her a bit and she often follows me around. We started cuddles yesterday and I got my first purr. My vet recommended a YouTube series called `My Cat from Hell` by Jackson Galaxy to help me.

And a more recent update:- “Mia is wonderful and really sweet. She comes for cuddles and kisses. She loves being on the window sill, also the window seat with a fluffy blanket. She also plays with the water stream of her fountain. She has settled well and attacks are very few now. This morning I had my coffee with a “purrball” on my lap
Thank you for your patience, Astrid.