We wanted to give you an update on the cat we adopted in July 17.

Now renamed 'Freya' - formerly 'Fluffy' she had been kept outside in a Hatfield garden having been found as a young cat eating food put out for hedgehogs. Glenn told us about her and that's how she came to us.

She is a delight and despite having had very many cats over the years she is the most affectionate cat we have owned. Sit in your armchair and she jumps on your lap within minutes-sometimes-seconds and purrs loudly!
Considering her background of living outdoors in a garden for over two years being fed by the gentleman who found her she has quickly taken up residence with us and become a big part of our home.

She rarely ventures far and mostly just in to the garden (familiar territory?), although yesterday had an outing out front and across the Close (under supervision as she has very little idea about cars) to see what was over the road, but soon came back. She may have fallen on all four paws -but so have we!!

Best wishes, Ruth & Peter Needham