Halle Then and Now

Halle was adopted from Cats Protection almost 10 years ago by owners Colin and Anna who told us… 

We were lucky enough for Halle to join our family in October 2011. The first night after bringing her home we put her in the spare room in a cosy little bed, away from our other cat Patsy. She cried and cried and we soon gave in and let her out. In the middle of the night she made her way into our room and climbed up under our duvet and slept in our bed all night! She still to this day loves sleeping under the duvet! Even on the warmest of days she can be found snuggled under the duvet!

Right: The first time Colin and Anna met Halle at her foster home.

Below: Halle all grown up, but still loving a snuggle under the duvet! and her first night under the duvet.