Happy days for Bekki and Byron

A happy family at last for Bekki 

Bekki was handed in to a Welwyn Garden City vet who contacted us. She was quite friendly, but not neutered or microchipped. We found her a lovely home with Rachel and her family. Rachel says:- 
She was very shy at first and hid most of the time, but has gradually come out of her shell. Now she sits on our laps, likes to follow me around and is comfortable being downstairs. Today for the first time she has been very playful which my daughter loved! 

It seems she becomes happier here every day and no longer wakes in the night meowing!  She is quite adventurous and has  managed to get behind the bath and fridge and loves the shoe cupboard where she sits on the shelf. She is a great cat - very, very gentle and she becomes more soppy each day”.  

A new start for poor lonely Byron 

Byron’s owner passed away at the end of last year and her neighbour had been feeding him for three weeks when we collected him. He was so frightened; he didn't understand what was happening. While he was in foster care he spent most of his time hiding away, but Olga and Adam were determined to adopt him and give him a loving new home. They say:- 

Byron has been with us for ten days now and really loves when we stroke his tummy. He turns onto his back and "melts down" with joy! He is using his water fountain and all the other facilities in his area, and we are trying to invite him into the kitchen (that is our next goal) keeping the internal set of doors open and for him to be familiar with our voices. He is doing well and, fingers crossed, things will improve even more soon."