Happy endings for our bi-colour cats

Patch - a happy home for a friendly boy

Patch was reported to us as a stray cat. He was not neutered or microchipped, so we were unable to reunite him with his owners. Patch was an extremely friendly cat so was soon snapped up by a new adopter, Sarah, who says:-

I’d thought you like an update about Patch now he’s been with us over a month. He has settled in well. He has found his favourite spaces in the house now - on the footstool by the window, on my bed, his bed, Maja’s windowsill and the armchair in the study. He loves food and always thinks it’s a meal time when anyone goes into the kitchen. He adores playing, especially with things he can try to catch or are mouse shaped!! We love him and he is truly a huge part of our family. Thank you for everything

Sweet Harold - happy at last

Harold was picked up as an entire male stray with no microchip. A lady who adopted another cat from us told us about Harold, as he had been coming to her and a neighbour for quite a while for food and attention. 

Harold was lucky to find a lovely new home with Ed and Sarah, who say:-

Harold seems to be settling well, likes his food a lot and is pretty content sleeping out in the open in his room. We’re still working on a bit of play before feeding time!