He's Not a Bear...

Recently our branch was contacted by a veterinary practice in Hatfield after a member of the public brought in a badlypaddington mouth injured ginger cat. The cat, who the practice receptionists have named Paddington, was severely malnourished at only 2.2kg, dehydrated, had pneumonia and a massive abscess on his face, oozing pus. On further investigation the vet found a piece of twig protruding from the abscess which had pierced through the skin just above Paddington’s right eye and had travelled through into the soft pallet of his mouth.

Paddington does not have a microchip and therefore the vet doesn’t know who owns him. As he needed urgent attention, the vet wanted to know if we could take on the care, and ultimately the cost, of saving Paddington’s life. Of course we said yes; if the vet thought that the cat had a chance of survival and ultimate recovery then we would help.

The vet have immediate pain relief to Paddington and was able to put him on an IV drip. The vet was also able to remove the twig and clean up the infected area. After a few more days Pad-dington was given a more positive prognosis; the vet stating that he should make a full recovery from the nasty injuries suffered.

paddington injuryOn further testing of Paddington’s bloods, he was found to be FIV positive, meaning that when he is eventually released from veterinary care he will need to be an indoor cat.  At the time of writing, Paddington has had an operation to close up the external wound on his face, although he may have to undergo further treatment to help repair the injury to the roof of his mouth.
He is an un-neutered male, probably the reason for him catching FIV through fighting for territory and females in heat, and will be neutered as part of his ongoing treatment.  Sadly, this is not an isolated incident where our branch has been asked to help a badly injured cat whose owners are unknown.
If you are able to contribute towards the cost of veterinary treat-ment and ongoing care for Paddington and other cats in a simi-lar situation please donate.

There are several ways you can help:

  • You can donate easily and securely online via our Just Giving page by following this link: https://www.justgiving.com/whcp1
  • You can also text a donation via your mobile phone by starting your message with WHCP48 followed by your chosen amount (£1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10) to 70070
  • You can visit our website and go to our Donations page.
Thank you once again for your continuing generous support of the many unwanted cats and kittens in the Welwyn/Hatfield area of Hertfordshire. paddington donate

Paddington is one of many lost and stray cats roaming the streets and a family may be missing him. It is difficult to iden-tify ginger cats as their markings are so similar. Please mi-crochip your cat so if he or she gets lost and is found we can easily reunite you.

We will give you an update on Paddington and his progress in our next newsletter.