Inky and Tash - 10 Years On

Inky and Tash were adopted by their owners Jo and Pete, almost 10 years ago in 2012. Jo tells us their story.
“We contacted Cats Protection back in May 2012 as we were keen to get a kitten to join our family. We had lost our previous 2 cats the year before to old age and were missing having some furry friends in our house. 

My husband Pete and I arrived at the Welwyn/Hatfield District Cats Protection home and there were lots of very happy cats everywhere! We were shown into the garage where there was a large cage containing 4 very lively 11 month old adolescents requiring homing. There were 2 males and 2 females clambering up the cage, hoping for some attention and treats. They were all gorgeous.

We were asked whether we would consider taking one male and one female, as they were keen to keep the siblings in pairs. We were happy to do that and as one pair were already promised to another family and we were offered Inky and Tash. Tash is the female and so named because she has a moustache.

We returned the following week with our two teenage boys so they could be with us to take them home. The cats both cried all the way to our house, and when we got home we let them out of their baskets and they surprisingly disappeared behind the washing machine and would not come out! After about 12 hours we contacted Welwyn/Hatfield District Cats Protection who advised us how to deal with the situation. We were told to put food out whilst we were present and remove it when we went away as that would be the only way they would get used to us. It worked but took a couple of days for Tash, the female and skinnier cat to come out. Inky followed suit the following day. 
We gradually introduced the cats to the rest of the house room by room and this took a few weeks. We also allowed them to go outside after a couple of months but they were very timid. Teaching them to use the cat flap was a fun experience!

Tash and Inky are now 11 and are lovely, good-natured cats. They are extremely happy and spend all day, like most cats, sleeping. They do not go out a lot.

Inky is very large and still greedy like he was as a kitten. He steals Tash’s food when he gets a chance and really be-haves more like a dog than a cat. He likes to lie on the floor in the sitting room and loves a stroke. He purrs all the time.

Tash is more nervous with strangers but loves to sleep on the bed or on a blanket on the sofa next to us. She spends most days sitting on a cushion in the office and joins many of my zoom calls. She loves a cuddle!

Both Tash and Inky are still playful like kittens and love their catnip filled toy mice or to play in their tunnel.

We all love them dearly and life would not be the same without these loving pets in our house.”