Jake Reunited!

“I have a cat that has paid us a visit, and stayed here uninvited. I don't want to shoo him away or do anything to make his life any more stressful than it already is. He eats his own weight in my cat’s food and I feel sure he needs a good home. I feel quite sorry for this little chap but simply don't know what to do. I feel it is wrong to keep him here because he makes my cats life a misery. Could you please advise me?”

When Glenn read this email he gave the concerned writer a call and arranged to go round and see if he could catch the cat to see if it was microchipped. After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing the cat was discovered to have a microchip and, with just a little more investigative work, it was found that he had been adopted from the Hendon branch of Cats Protection just a few months earlier, but had unfortunately escaped soon after being adopted.  

Following a few phone calls, Glenn was able to speak with the owner and reunite him with his missing cat, named Jake.  The following day we received a donation via our Just Giving page from the person who had found the cat. He wrote:

“Thank you Glenn for all your help in re-uniting the male tabby and white cat with his owner. We will miss him. You are doing a fantastic job and we are very sorry about the cat bites!”

Shortly before that we received an email from the grateful owner. He wrote:

“Thank you very much for your help to-day and I hope the injuries taken on my behalf heal quickly. Jake is now hiding behind the TV.  I have looked at your website and got details of your quiz. I will be happy to come along - I will give you a donation at the event.

The moral of this story is that microchipping works. We have contact from concerned members of the public regularly reporting stray cats. Our welfare officers will regular-ly go out to scan any stray cats. Sadly not enough of the stray cats that we attend are microchipped. If they were we would have far more ‘happy endings’ and far fewer cats in our care looking for a loving new home.

Every cat that leaves our care is microchipped, but the microchip is only as good as the details that have been provided. Have you changed your address or telephone number since adopting a cat from us or since you had your cat microchipped? You can check the details of the microchip for free and it might just prove worth it one day! Although he can’t say anything we are certain that Jake is really pleased that he was microchipped.