Jennie, Kato, Harriet and Cleo

Kittens Jennie (black) and Kato (tabby) are settling into their new home and getting up to mischief. Kato has found a fun place that he likes to hide early in the evening! 

We are delighted to have welcomed Harriet into our home, and our hearts! She is already sitting with us for cuddles in her safe room, eating, drinking and using her litter tray. 
These are photos of her 'adopting us' in her first 24 hours." - Debbie

Cleo’s new owner says, “Here are a few photos of Cleo making the most of her new home. She settled in  immediately and was around my feet as I set up her cat tree - no fear at all and we are getting along like a house on fire. She even took to using her fancy litter tray (one way entry door and roof exit) without a problem and is eating well. 

She follows me around from room to room so I think she is still not completely confident and doesn't want to be alone for too long bless her.