25/8/17 Kit is doing really well. Even though we're not yet even four days in, he's doing brilliantly. He really loves his food and has eaten every single meal - there was no not eating during the first day for him! He's spending a lot of time under my bed but he pops straight out when I put his next meal down. He also loves coming out for strokes and fuss. He's spent a couple of nights on my bed with me and he's ventured out of my room a couple of times to have a look around. He even got on the sofa with me last night.

12/9/17 I thought I would just drop you another little update on Kit! His confidence is growing every day. He is an extremely chatty, af-fectionate boy and he absolutely loves his food; so much so that he runs to the kitchen at meal times now in anticipation! Putting his food out can be tricky at times though as he rubs himself all around my legs to the point I can't move sometimes, haha! 

He still favours the bedroom but he now also spends time around the whole flat and has even started to play with a couple of his toys. He wasn't sure what to do with them at first (probably because he never got to play on the streets!), but he's getting the hang of things now!  

Best wishes, Sally