Monty Update

Early last year, we gave an update on Monty, the cat who was showing signs of brain damage. Monty has been going from strength to strength and living the life of a pampered puss. His owner, Jan, has provided us with an update on Monty.

Monty has settled in very well and is an absolute delight to live with.

Exciting developments, Monty has ‘found his voice’ and now greets me with a little meow each time I come home, as well as rolling and pulling himself along on this rug with this front claws.

Monty had his first visit to the vet a couple of weeks ago, just for a check-up, and I’m delighted to report all is well. She was particularly impressed with his lovely thick coat and clean teeth. He is eating well and his weight is stable at 4kg.

Favourite ‘toys’ at the moment are a large white paper bag that rustles and a thin strip of cardboard to catch and bite. The trusty parsnip is still always close by for use as a chin rest.

He’s still quite shy with new people and loud noises, but has lots of places to hide out if he needs to. When my mum first visited, he hid in his tunnel for two days, then on the last night she was here, jumped on her in bed asking for biscuits! Monty has a liking for lying on his side and being fed individual cat biscuits, one-by-one - he is too cute to refuse!