More black and white tales ...

Gizmo and his mummy Alice - a lovely new home together 

Alice and her five kittens were found in someone’s garden, when the kittens were only about three weeks old. Gizmo was quite a shy kitten and very much a “mummies boy” so we were pleased to be able to re-home them together. Their new owner says:- 

I was worried how they would get on with my dog Wilbur. Time, patience and Wilbur ignoring them has paid off, they rub along together well. Alice is still nervous but Gizmo is more adventurous. He has sneaked into the garden with Wilbur a couple of times but comes back in when Wilbur does!” 

A comfortable life for homeless Sid 

Sid was found in Hertford. He was unneutered and not microchipped, shy with people and had a skin irritation, which we helped treat before he was rehomed with Adam and Kimberlee. They say:- 

He's settling in really well and loves to play and have a cuddle. He especially loves Adam. He's  started coming out of his shell a bit more and will sit on a lap if he meets someone for the second time! He does keep reopening the scratches on his face so we are taking him to the vet next week, otherwise his scratching has decreased and his tail looks much better."