More Happily Afters

Popular Tango finds a happy new home

Tango was reported to us as a stray in need. We brought him into care and he was such a popular boy that he caused a huge number of enquiries. He was found a loving home with Tracey, who sent us these photos of him in his new home. 

New home - new name! Meet Bunty

Jasmine was left behind by members of the travelling community and the site manager contacted us to help rescue this beautiful but shy cat. After being lovingly cared for by Glenn, she has found her forever home with Michaela and Matt. They say:- 
"We wanted to let you know how the cat is getting on. We actually renamed Jasmine to Bunty and she seems to be loving her new name and home! She's very friendly now - after a few months of being very shy and scared. Well worth putting the work in! Thank you so much”.

A happy home for Ben

Ben was left behind when his owners moved house. A very kind neighbour took him in, but with children, dogs and a cat of her own, it soon became apparent that she needed some assistance. We stepped in and helped find Ben a loving home – which he richly deserved.
“He seems to be settling in really well already and likes to be in whatever room we are in! He is a lovely cat and very affectionate.” 

A special home for “the Flintstones”

Freddie and Wilma were two distressed and timid cats that came into our care. Happily, we’ve found them the “purrfect” new home with Kim, who says:-

“The cats are both doing well. Fred spends a lot of the time on the window sill. Wilma came out of hiding the second day and spends time in the cat tree or asleep in the box. I see an improvement with them each day especially when playing with them, and they are gradually trusting me a bit more each day. We’re still not able to stroke them really yet but I know this will happen in time”.

Muesli and Bran ~ a peaceful home at last

A mum cat and her three kittens were brought into our care last Autumn after being found on a traveller site, the mum cat looking cold and frightened. Her other two kittens were successfully rehomed at the beginning of this year and now Mum (Muesli) and her remaining kitten (Bran) have found their forever home with Nikki, who says:-

“Muesli and Bran are doing really well - feeding and playing confidently. Bran has explored a few rooms upstairs but mum prefers to remain in her safe place and observe from the window sill. Bran will let us stroke him now. So, after just a few weeks I think they have settled well”.