More Happy Ever Afters.......

A comfortable new life for Bracken and Clover

Bracken and Clover were two deserving cats we cared for, and we found them a lovely home with John and Pamela, who say:- “They’ve settled in really well. The integration process with our existing cats is progressing – the older ones are quite happy to sit and watch them but are less happy when the games threaten to become interactive! They are really happy cats, taking over the sofa with or without our laps to sit on, and saying hello to any visitors with minimal shyness. We would like to say a very big thank you for giving them such a lovely and loving start in life.

Living the high life - Faith and Freddy

This beautiful pair were given to us by a lady who couldn't afford to keep them following the break-down of her marriage. Luckily, we found them the ideal home, and their new owner says “Faith and Freddy are settling in well- they have been playing non-stop in their new space and enjoy belly rubs and head rubs from us when they slow down enough between playtimes. They are both very affectionate, Faith likes to maintain her distance while Freddy is keener to sit near us and have snuggles.