More Happy Homes

Thumper - a dream home for a lost boy

Thumper was living as a stray and, although he had a microchip, we were unable to reunite him with his original owner. A useful reminder of the importance of keeping your microchip details up
 to date.

Thumper’s new owner says:- “Thumper is settling very well. He has his hideyholes where  he feels safe, but loves coming out and having cuddles. As soon as he sees us, his tail goes up and the purrs start. He’s also eating well. Although he has the run of the house, he likes to keep close to “his room”, but I’m sure that will change as it’s early days. He gets a bit braver each day”.

A happy home for Harvey

Harvey was yet another casualty of a separation where the owner was unable to keep him.
Luckily, we found him an excellent home and his new owner says:- “Harvey is doing really well and settling in brilliantly. He has picked a favourite spot on top of the sofa! He has been very calm and friendly with us, with lots of purring. He has been exploring a lot and seems fine with the boys, even with their excitement at having a new pet!