More happy new homes....

Pickle and Cosmo - safe and snug

Pickle and Cosmo were one of a few pairs of kittens rehomed when a lady gave them up for adoption because her cats weren’t neutered. Now her cats are neutered, this won’t happen again. New owner, Carys, says:-

They are eating and litter trained and exploring the house a bit more, they loved lying on the chair in the sun this afternoon. Thank you for the adoption, they fit in perfectly."

Pippa and Chip have a happy family home at last

These two cats came to us after their previous owner couldn’t afford to keep them. Now they have a happy home. Their new owner says:-

They have settled into their new home very well. Chip is very lively, he likes to jump on Pippa's head while she is trying to relax! Pippa is calmer and quieter, but is never far from Chip and always has him in her sights. Thanks so much for everyone's help with the adoption, they are a great addition to the family”.