More Success Stories

Pele and Zico

Pele and Zico were given up for adoption by their owner as their owner had a relationship breakdown and couldn’t afford to keep them.

They found their new home with Mike, Annie and their two daughters at the end of September. Their new family have regularly updated us on their progress.

In October they wrote “Pele and Zico are starting to settle in here, eating well, using the litter tray and also starting to like being stroked. Thanks again for all the help, the cats are lovely and are settling in a little more each day. Strokes are now upgraded to Pele seeking out my lap which is a novelty as our last pair didn’t sit on us... rather the back of the chair. Both seem very well and Zico is interested in what might be happening in the kitchen.”

By November, we heard the following: “Both the cats are doing well and we are now at the stage of trying to get them to use cat flaps. Zico has no issue with using the internal cat flap and we think Pele is probably using it at night, given the state of use of cat litter in the morning etc., but seems to avoid showing us he can use it through the day when we are watching (and are able to open the door for him).

Picture of the boys from mid-November. Both doing well and loving the dry cat food (having to manage their intake)

Mike, Annie, the girls and now the boys."

Luna and Nefiti

“Luna (short haired) and Nefiti (long haired) have both settled in super well. On their first day here they both came for a cuddle with me and were really brave. They had a bit of a rocky start health wise, and for a little while we were at the vet every week, but thankfully everything has settled down now and they're growing fast. Perhaps a little too fast for me! It's such a joy to see them both flourishing with us. Luna will often come to find one of us for a cuddle, whilst Nefiti prefers to just be in the same room as us, keeping an eye on things.

They now have full run of the house and enjoy chasing each other round, particularly if one of them has a toy. They're still completely inseparable, and we always find them within a foot of each other. It definitely makes it easier to keep track of whatever mischief they're up to! They of course love a good nap too, and I'll sometimes get to nap with them both, all three of us curled up on the sofa together. We're looking for-ward to many years of them keeping us on our toes and communal napping.”Chantelle and Kieron