We adopted a young cat, Nemo, last November whose parents were Dory and Marlin. We then imagined what a letter home might look like…. Here it is with photos of the cats involved.

“Dear Marlin and Dory,
I thought I’d let you know how I was getting on. When I left In November I went to live with a family in north Hertfordshire. There are two human grown-ups, two human kittens, two cats who are shy and mostly live outside and a large grey creature with long ears the humans call “Bob”. Bob lives in a cage in the dining room and is some-thing called a rabbit. He is friendly - if quiet - and we get along. But as he only eats seeds, oats and cabbage I can’t cement our friendship by bringing him a mouse.

I have settled in and am being well taken care of. I get to sleep in lots of comfy places and after the humans have gone to bed I like to explore cupboards in a noisy way. I went to see the vet to make sure I was well. I wasn’t keen but the vet was gentle and the receptionists thought I was very very cute (naturally). I am getting along with the other cats alright although as I don’t go out yet, I haven’t seen much of them. The male human grown-up says I purr so loudly I must have been fitted with the purr for a small tiger: honestly, humans!

Now it’s spring I will be going outside soon. There is a large garden here for me to explore: I just need to pluck up a little courage and crack the cat flap.

Many purrs,

Best wishes, Lewis, Diane, Libby and Becca Graham