New Homes for Loki and Thor, Bubba and Mac

Loki and Thor  

Loki and Thor both recently went to their new home. They owner says “They are both settling in well and are lovely kittens.” 


Bubba was given up by his family, who had adopted him from us 5 years earlier, as they are emigrating back to their native New Zealand in January 2021. They were heartbroken at having to give up Bubba, but agreed that it was kinder for him.

We found Bubba a lovely new home with a wonderful lady called Gill.



Mac’s new owner writes, “We are delighted to have Mac, he is such a handsome lad and has the most beautiful eyes. We are complete-ly smitten by him and he has slotted into our family so well. Our thanks to Vanessa for taking such good care (he had extended fos-tering due to lockdown) and to Carolyne and Glenn for arranging the adoption.

I am away for a few days and my daughter is house and cat sitting with Mac. He is doing well and is a pleasure.

He is very keen to go out and sneaked out when we had a delivery! However, he thankfully only went to the front garden and came back in.”